Thursday, February 5, 2009

The Rain in Spain?

I'd like to introduce you to what I believe to be one of the 80's most attractive and enduring bands you've never heard of. Paralisis Permanente. For the three years of their existence (80-83) they released a constant stream of albums and singles of the absolute highest quality. Paralisis formed in Madrid in the summer of 1980, the brainchild of Nacho Canut bassist of ALASKA Y LOS PEGAMOIDES a slightly more well known spanish pop band. Nacho was joined by vocalist Eduardo Benavente (drummer for pegamoides) who's tragic death in an automobile accident in 83 would bring the band to a halt. Their sound, described as "onda siniestra" or "Dark wave" leans on a particularly upbeat poppy side of goth evocative of a more pessimistic Public Image LTD. Here they are performing their single Quiero ser santa

  • Those looking for a more complete history along with release listing are encouraged to look here
  • The majority of their discography is available in rar files here

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