Thursday, February 5, 2009

First things First...

I could tell you I'm starting this because I think I have something relevant to say. I could tell you I fancy myself a fan of good music. I'm really, truthfully just bored. I'd like to spend some of my free time reaching out and touching others , preferably in a very private and possibly uncomfortable place. Maybe I'll stir up feelings that are somewhat disconcerting...go rooting around in those places you hold to be very much "off limits". Maybe I'll anger you. Maybe you'll love me. We could have a good old circa '02 web relationship...we could call each other long distance and I'll promise visits I most certainly will not make. Possibly you'll get comfortable enough to send me risque pictures which likely wont be graphic or submissive enough to arouse me at all but then I can always trade them to people on Imagefap for "the good stuff".

What do I think? I think you'll regard my posts with as much enthusiasm as your young minds expend on mid-term elections. Which is to say, not very much. I'm aware I have a pretentious title and I'm using the same layout everyone else uses but youre just going to have to get over that. Stay tuned.

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