Monday, February 16, 2009

Jamie gets off his ass and finally updates this piece of shit....

Ever heard of Dead Moon? Yeah I thought not. Its a travesty if you ask me. Dead Moon is probably the best band no one will ever care about. In fact its my opinion that dead moon are one of the best bands ever. They're definitely better than nirvana. No really, they're that good. Its a situation I like to refer to as the Oregon paradox. Basically Portland is the worst shittiest place in the world. Im telling you...portland fucking sucks. Not so much because of the geography of the city itself... more so that its filled with the most miserable bunch of assholes outside of Los Angeles. I swear to god I've never had a good experience in Portland. The cities only merit is that it is home to a slew of amazing fucking bands. I dont have to explain this as we all know at least three Portland bands that are completely flawless. Its kindof like seattle but shittier, more up its own ass, and with better bands. Anyway as youve probably guessed, Dead Moon are from Portland. Made up of Fred, Toody, and Andrew; Dead Moon gave us 20 years of the most amazing punk ever recorded anywhere ever. Their music is at once sleazy, raucous, typically MC5-influenced american punk while at the same time strangely nostalgic, creepy, and dark with lyrics reminiscent of goth or shoegaze. Although most who are familiar with DM will tell you they never wrote a bad song (which is true) I recommend starting with their 2001 magnum opus Trash & Burn. The album ventures from punk to country to goth and back. It really does have something for everyone. Of note is the track 40 MILES OF BAD ROAD which is not, in point of fact, a Duane Eddy cover but I promise you its just as good and is a perfect showcase for fred and toodys amazing guitar/bass interplay, not to mention what are likely the best lyrics fucking EVER.

While theyve been broken up for what two years now? Fred and toody can still be seen live banging on some of the coolest fucking guitars ever (I'm serious if i could give an award for the best gear ever, DM would get it hands down) in their new band Pierced Arrows featuring Kelly Halliburton on drums. Know who he is? Dude played bass for SEVERED HEAD OF FUCKING STATE another one of the best punk bands ever. If you dont know who they are........I just dont know.

Those wanting to know more about DM are encouraged to head over to their official site and pick up a copy of the "Unknown Passage" documentary DVD. Its worth the $20 I promise. As for their music, good luck finding it for purchase but you can find everything on random blogs or on soulseek. Im too lazy to track it down for you today.

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