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Killdozer is the best band ever. Im not even lying. Just watch this interview of them getting drunk off MILLER HIGHLIFE TALLBOYS and being to old to really be funny but saying cool things none the less. Also note how the interviewer obviously fellated them all after the interview.

Killdozer at FFF Fest from Austin Daze Magazine on Vimeo.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

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Friday, February 20, 2009


So I met andy lippoldt from Persistence In Mourning on DFFD. Everyone knows those guys are balding snobs. I was banned from the forum for hurting their feelings. Whatever. Also the label that put this record out is poseur heaven. People should know that but also know that it doesnt influence my review.

Anyway prior to the aforementioned incident, I had been aware of andys band through a friend who follows them quite regularly and ends up sending me their releases. PIM display a tremendous talent. At a time when the appeal of most bands is lost on me due to the relentlessly episodic, perpetuative nature of their releases, PIM are all the more vital in that they have charisma. What I mean by this is that their releases exhibit identity and personality apropos to each individual outing and the time at which it was recorded. I hesitate to call them concept albums without hearing what andy has to say but I will tell you that the spirit is strong. What does this say about andy? He creates when he feels like it. His releases are not to be seen as PIM PT. 2...3...4...5 etc.

So that its clear, This album was viewed through several different mediums and was originally sent to me by andy himself as a CDR which I assume was made from the original masters of the album, thusly i have the utmost confidence in the fidelity of my copy. In being that this is a vinyl only release, it was devoid of packaging, about which I could quite frankly care less.

Initially the album was played several times through on my stereo which consists of a Sony headunit through a Mcintosh amplifier and two older Fried studio 7 monitors. My connections are not name brand but I assure you they are of the utmost quality and deliver superior sound. A high end rig, yes... but a great deal on the mcintosh presented itself and I couldnt refuse. I later converted the album in MP3 format for ipod playback and EQ'ed the album just a little with a bass boost.

Sonically this outing is rather sparse, brooding, strangely a little darker than previous releases. Andy advised me to begin with track 3 , interlude I (shes ashen), citing that the first two tracks were "mainly filler", this puzzles me as i thought the exact opposite, and not only due to the fact that track three is an interlude. I found the first two tracks to be the most content laden of the lot. Which to say this album is their most....noisy...affair relying more in synth effects than instrumentation. Is this negative? Yes and no. No in the fact that I enjoy sparsely paced noisy affairs as much as the next lunatic...but sadly I believe it to be in the instrumentation where PIM shines the brightest. And shine they do. What im trying to say is that this album doesnt "crush" in the sense that breaking with the wheel did. The whole album has a lucid strain of consciousness pacing...effecting vocals akin to godflesh...This is a good thing and andy & crew
(the album features several cameos, one by musical rennaisance man mike "bigga" colby) do it well. Remember that I said PIM releases had natures that were distinct and charismatic? This album is no anomaly and sounds vastly different from any other...yet still bearing andys signature. In the end it makes for an ambitious effort...yet I cant help hearing a bit of distraction. Perhaps this is due to the production method which I can imagine was somewhat scattered. I personally thought the guitar tracks sounded a little thin compared to the generally lush tone on previous releases...which for all I know was intentional...In the end this album is (with its few faults) leaps and bounds ahead of the its musical peers however I caution those unfamiliar with andys work that they might be a little more accommodated by one of the other PIM releases.

For more information on andy and his work,and to hear samples of this and other releases (including a fucking amazing thergothon cover) head on over to his myspace

PS, Stay tuned for an interview!

PPS, It should also be noted that andy likes old mans child.

PPPS, I love how the album cover got all fucked up when I posted it. Thank you blogspot.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

My self-imposed exile....

...Continues. Indefinately. Much like the balls of shit so adored by a certain holy insect we just keep rolling right the fuck along friends. I'm just going to have to face it....filter magazine and Wilco and young democrats and political correctness and six organs of fucking shoot me now... I picked the worst time in history to stop doing drugs.

P.S. and Nine Inch Nails broke up. It you arent bummed by this youre missing the point

Do yourself a favor.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Jamie gets off his ass and finally updates this piece of shit....

Ever heard of Dead Moon? Yeah I thought not. Its a travesty if you ask me. Dead Moon is probably the best band no one will ever care about. In fact its my opinion that dead moon are one of the best bands ever. They're definitely better than nirvana. No really, they're that good. Its a situation I like to refer to as the Oregon paradox. Basically Portland is the worst shittiest place in the world. Im telling you...portland fucking sucks. Not so much because of the geography of the city itself... more so that its filled with the most miserable bunch of assholes outside of Los Angeles. I swear to god I've never had a good experience in Portland. The cities only merit is that it is home to a slew of amazing fucking bands. I dont have to explain this as we all know at least three Portland bands that are completely flawless. Its kindof like seattle but shittier, more up its own ass, and with better bands. Anyway as youve probably guessed, Dead Moon are from Portland. Made up of Fred, Toody, and Andrew; Dead Moon gave us 20 years of the most amazing punk ever recorded anywhere ever. Their music is at once sleazy, raucous, typically MC5-influenced american punk while at the same time strangely nostalgic, creepy, and dark with lyrics reminiscent of goth or shoegaze. Although most who are familiar with DM will tell you they never wrote a bad song (which is true) I recommend starting with their 2001 magnum opus Trash & Burn. The album ventures from punk to country to goth and back. It really does have something for everyone. Of note is the track 40 MILES OF BAD ROAD which is not, in point of fact, a Duane Eddy cover but I promise you its just as good and is a perfect showcase for fred and toodys amazing guitar/bass interplay, not to mention what are likely the best lyrics fucking EVER.

While theyve been broken up for what two years now? Fred and toody can still be seen live banging on some of the coolest fucking guitars ever (I'm serious if i could give an award for the best gear ever, DM would get it hands down) in their new band Pierced Arrows featuring Kelly Halliburton on drums. Know who he is? Dude played bass for SEVERED HEAD OF FUCKING STATE another one of the best punk bands ever. If you dont know who they are........I just dont know.

Those wanting to know more about DM are encouraged to head over to their official site and pick up a copy of the "Unknown Passage" documentary DVD. Its worth the $20 I promise. As for their music, good luck finding it for purchase but you can find everything on random blogs or on soulseek. Im too lazy to track it down for you today.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

New stuff coming I promise.

My computer has a virus. I got the restore discs. They didnt work. I'd like to take this opportunity to let HP know how disappoint I am. Fuck you HP I am only purchasing Dell from now on. Anyway... there will be new shit coming, I have some exciting (for me at least) content coming soon including my personal homage to blixa, persistence in mourning interviews, a superfuture commentary for those who arent banned and much much more. It will be the largest extravaganza ever completely ignored. I love some of you.

Thursday, February 5, 2009


jamie griggs: design is getting overrated

jamie griggs: having anything designed

jamie griggs: designed houses

jamie griggs: designed furnishings

jamie griggs: ergonomics

jamie griggs: aesthetics

jamie griggs: functionality

fasil alemante: what

fasil alemante: are you saying

jamie griggs: yo niggas got to design everything

fasil alemante: no shit

jamie griggs: got to be all

jamie griggs: this was designed by

fasil alemante: everything needs to be designed

jamie griggs: http://www.outnext.com/

jamie griggs: that shit

jamie griggs: makes me want to have stuff that doesnt work

jamie griggs: i cant exist in modern world

jamie griggs: like when i come to ny whenever that will be i am on a countdown to when i will disappear

jamie griggs: modern design displeases me

jamie griggs: used to like

jamie griggs: but now i like shit that be old

jamie griggs: dusty

jamie griggs: dilapidated

jamie griggs: structurally unsound

jamie griggs: niggas making skyscrapers that move

jamie griggs: i wont have it i tell you

jamie griggs: wont do at all

fasil alemante: lol

fasil alemante: what are you talking about

fasil alemante: you're just sayin like gibberish

jamie griggs: modern design

jamie griggs: it is parallel to my existance

jamie griggs: like if i were to be present in the vicinity of modern design a countdown would begin

jamie griggs: and when that ended

jamie griggs: one of us would cease to exist

jamie griggs: its one of newtons laws

jamie griggs: jamie griggs cannot exist upon a level field with modern design

jamie griggs: it exists therefore i most certainly am NOT

jamie griggs: my god this conversation is exquisite

The Rain in Spain?

I'd like to introduce you to what I believe to be one of the 80's most attractive and enduring bands you've never heard of. Paralisis Permanente. For the three years of their existence (80-83) they released a constant stream of albums and singles of the absolute highest quality. Paralisis formed in Madrid in the summer of 1980, the brainchild of Nacho Canut bassist of ALASKA Y LOS PEGAMOIDES a slightly more well known spanish pop band. Nacho was joined by vocalist Eduardo Benavente (drummer for pegamoides) who's tragic death in an automobile accident in 83 would bring the band to a halt. Their sound, described as "onda siniestra" or "Dark wave" leans on a particularly upbeat poppy side of goth evocative of a more pessimistic Public Image LTD. Here they are performing their single Quiero ser santa

  • Those looking for a more complete history along with release listing are encouraged to look here
  • The majority of their discography is available in rar files here

First things First...

I could tell you I'm starting this because I think I have something relevant to say. I could tell you I fancy myself a fan of good music. I'm really, truthfully just bored. I'd like to spend some of my free time reaching out and touching others , preferably in a very private and possibly uncomfortable place. Maybe I'll stir up feelings that are somewhat disconcerting...go rooting around in those places you hold to be very much "off limits". Maybe I'll anger you. Maybe you'll love me. We could have a good old circa '02 web relationship...we could call each other long distance and I'll promise visits I most certainly will not make. Possibly you'll get comfortable enough to send me risque pictures which likely wont be graphic or submissive enough to arouse me at all but then I can always trade them to people on Imagefap for "the good stuff".

What do I think? I think you'll regard my posts with as much enthusiasm as your young minds expend on mid-term elections. Which is to say, not very much. I'm aware I have a pretentious title and I'm using the same layout everyone else uses but youre just going to have to get over that. Stay tuned.